Newport Oregon, A Brief History


Newport is located on the Central Oregon Coast, which makes it a natural observatory for the ocean. It has two lighthouses that will give you access to unbeatable panoramic views. In the same way, Newport offers a vast catalog of fun and educational activities for all ages. It’s the perfect place to spot marine life in their natural habitats. 

Newport, Oregon, can surprise you in ways you couldn’t imagine. So, if you’re planning to visit the city, continue reading this blog to learn some interesting facts before going to the town. 

What Is Newport, Oregon Famous For? 

Tallest Lighthouse In Oregon

With a height of 93 feet, Yaquina Head is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon. Gray whales can be seen relatively easily in December and January as they migrate south to warmer waters to reproduce and give birth. Yaquina Head is also on their migration route. Imagine witnessing this important event; you wouldn’t want to miss it. 

Oregon Coast Aquarium

With over 40,000 students visiting the Aquarium year as one of Oregon’s top tourist destinations, it serves as an essential educational facility for the state. The Aquarium participates actively in conservation and animal rehabilitation activities and aspires to be a center of excellence for ocean literacy. 

Commercial Activities

Seafood Industry

According to the Newport News-Times, fishing put $346 million into the economy in 2021. This amount was calculated by considering commercial and recreational fisheries. Also, it represents 7,400 jobs for the citizens. Consequently, fishing is crucial to the Newport Industry. 

Retail Trade Industry

According to the City of Newport site, the retail sector provides an average of 1,341 jobs yearly in Newport. Furthermore, the retail trade industry is a significant source of private employment. Jobs in specialized retail, such as art galleries, gift shops, antique stores, and clothing and accessory stores, are among them.

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